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15 Oct 2008

Where Did Ben Go?

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I don’t normally post about my circumstances, but since I’ve been pretty silent for quite a while now, I’ll make an exception. I broke my wrist 5 weeks ago, which has significantly constrained my computer use. Things should gradually return to normal…

13 Nov 2006

Open Source Jam

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Google are having an open source get together next Thursday. I’ll be there.

16 Sep 2006

EuroFOO and NSPW

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I’ll be at EuroFOO in Brussels, and then NSPW in Dagstuhl (which is in Germany) from today ’til the end of next week, if anyone wants beer, food and/or conversation.

25 Jun 2006

ApacheCon and PET

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I’m at ApacheCon in Dublin for Monday and Tuesday, followed by PET in Cambridge for the rest of the week.

4 Jun 2006

Back in London

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Finally back from Mountain View.

Buy me beer!

8 May 2006

Frankfurt, London, Mountain View

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I’m in Frankfurt until Thursday, London until Sunday, then back in Mountain View for a few weeks.

As always, happy to drink beer.

27 Mar 2006


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As of next week I will be working for Google. Although I will be based in the London office, for the next two months I will be in Mountain View.

As always, interested in get-togethers, especially if they involve beer.

17 Mar 2006


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I’ll be in Dallas next week, attending the always-riveting IETF.

I’d love to hear from anyone around there I should meet up with.

1 Feb 2006

Boston and San Francisco

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I’ll be in Boston from Tuesday the 7th Feb to Friday the 10th, for an “identity summit” at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, then in San Francisco for Codecon, until Monday the 13th.

I really must travel less.

5 Jan 2006


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Yep, ShmooCon is in its second year, and twice as big this time. I’ll be there, but you won’t, unless you’ve already registered.

Always ready for a beer, as usual.

For the click-impaired: its in DC, Jan 13-15.

3 Dec 2005

LISA and ApacheCon

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I’ll be at LISA, at least for the last day, where I’ll be doing a “Guru is in” session on OpenSSL, Apache and DNSSEC (and, to be honest, anything else anyone wants to talk to me about), then I’ll be at ApacheCon for the duration, hanging out at the Hackathon (where the Apache developers get together over the weekend) and the conference, where I will not be giving a lightning talk, because you just can’t trust Fred and Fitz.

For the impatient, both of these events are in San Diego, next week and the week after.

If anyone wants to meet up, I’d love to hear from them.

10 Oct 2005


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I’ll be at EuroOSCon next week. If anyone wants to meet up there, give me a shout.

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