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8 Mar 2007

Translation, Please?

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I love BoingBoing, but occasionally it gives me indigestion:

my own personal thoughts on postmodernism concerns the fact that it is inches away from finally bridging the gap between western analytical thought and romanticism. postmodernists come to question the fabric of reality enough to allow for a mckenna style archaic revival to be the solution to our ills, entheogens cleansing the doors of perception from all hyper-real simulacra, resurrecting culture and language as the sacred entities they used to be.

Can someone tell me what that means?

24 Feb 2006

eBay Scams

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I want an X41 Tablet (if you really loved me, you’d give me one). I bought my wife an X40 last year and got a great price on eBay. So, naturally, I’ve been looking there again.

The prices aren’t so great this time around, but what I am finding is a rather interesting trend. Yesterday there were lots of 1-day auctions for X41s. The sellers had good feedback, but if you investigated you’d find that all of a sudden they were selling a metric fuckload of stuff, all posted at the same time, all 1-day, all relatively expensive stuff (like TVs and computers) – and all not at all like what they usually sell.

Today I’m seeing 10-day auctions, but instead of huge diversity, they’re all laptops. I can’t figure out the 10 day thing, unless they’re after direct email contact (a feature of all of these things is they say “contact me by email”, surprise, surprise).

Anyway, I’m curious – does this go on all the time and I haven’t noticed, or is this a new attack?

(In case it isn’t obvious, I’m assuming the real eBayers have been owned, and this is an attempt by the attacker to make money)

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