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13 May 2006

Chip and PIN Sucks

Filed under: Security — Ben @ 12:35

As everyone should know, chip and PIN reduces “fraud” by blaming everything on the customer. Obviously this had to go pear-shaped at some point, so I’m gratified to learn that rather than a steady trickle of defenceless consumers getting ripped off, which would probably lead to the usual nonsense from the banks, its Shell that have had their arse bitten and as a result have stopped doing chip and PIN.

Interestingly, I bought petrol at a Somerfield yesterday and was asked to sign instead of entering my PIN. I wonder if that was related?

8 May 2006

Frankfurt, London, Mountain View

Filed under: Where I'm At — Ben @ 8:56

I’m in Frankfurt until Thursday, London until Sunday, then back in Mountain View for a few weeks.

As always, happy to drink beer.

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