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24 Feb 2011

Who the Hell are 2o7?

Filed under: Privacy,Security — Ben @ 13:38

My friend Adriana pointed me to this cool track-blocking extension for Chrome.

Back in the day, I used to do this kind of blocking “by hand” – i.e. by manually deciding which cookies to block and which to allow. This is far from an exact science – it’s fairly easy to block some sites into uselessness – so I’m pleased to see an automated alternative.

In any case, it all came to an end when Chrome decided (without any explanation I ever saw) to drop the ability to control cookies, so extensions are probably the only way now.

Anyway, it reminded me of something I kept meaning to look into but never really got very far, which is This domain crops up all the time if you start monitoring cookies, and clearly is some massive tracking operation. But I’ve never heard of it, and nor has anyone else I know.

So … who the hell are 2o7? (And yes, I can do whois, which leads me to Omniture. Not much the wiser. Except they now seem to be owned by Adobe – mmm – looking forward to mixing all that tracking data with Adobe’s careful attention to security).

Note, btw, the cool track-blocking extension doesn’t appear to have heard of 2o7 either. From my experience you can just block all their cookies without harm.

16 Feb 2011

Two Cool Caja Things

Filed under: Caja — Ben @ 14:01

Firstly, Paypal are using Caja to protect their customers from errors or evilness in gadgets. There are also some performance hints here.

Secondly, my esteemed colleague, Jasvir Nagra, has put together a really nice playground for Caja. Have a go, it’s pretty.

That is all.

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