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21 Nov 2013

Pickled Apple

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Apparently, it’s a thing. I made some to go with roast pork. It was nice. We had it again tonight with fried salmon, green veg with cream and saffron, and pasta. It was nice again. So, here’s the vague recipe…

The pickling juice is cider vinegar, water and sugar in a 5:5:1 ratio. For three apples (sliced into big but thin chunks), I used 400 ml each of vinegar and water, and (obviously) 80g of sugar. I added black peppercorns, coriander seed, cloves and star anise. Probably I could’ve used less liquid or more apple.

It was pretty nice with the pork after 2-3 hours. Even nicer with the salmon a day later.

That is all.

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