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Ideal Link, Spinning Again

The magic incantation was whispered to me…

mencoder mf:///path/to/some-*.png -mf fps=25:type=png -ovc lavc -o spinning.avi

Which takes your PNGs and makes an AVI of them. Here’s 7.4 again. Make sure you have your player set to repeat. And don’t use Winamp. At least, not the version I was using. It was like my childhood: no vertical hold.


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  2. Using MacOSX>Ouicktime

    It tried to play on Quicktime but it requires a component (On2, iPix, etc.).

    Do you have any idea which one will enable the knot AVI?


    Comment by Mark West — 19 Sep 2005 @ 2:22

  3. No, but I’ll see if I can make a version that works with Quicktime.

    Comment by ben — 21 Sep 2005 @ 10:12

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