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Apache vs. Oracle

As a founder of the Apache Software Foundation I have long been frustrated by the ASF’s reluctance to confront Sun and now Oracle head-on over their continued refusal to allow Apache Harmony to proceed as an open source Java implementation.

So I am very pleased to see the board finally draw a line in the sand, basically saying “honour the agreements or we block the next version of Java”. Oracle’s response is just ridiculous, including the blatant

Oracle provides TCK licenses under fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms consistent with its obligations under the JSPA.

why even bother to say that in response to ASF’s charges? Do they think the ASF are suddenly going to say “oops, we see the light now, how wrong we were to expect a TCK licence under fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms consistent with your obligations under the JSPA, we see it all clearly now and humbly withdraw our unwarranted request”?

Well, whatever Oracle expected, the ASF’s response was short and sweet

Oracle statement regarding Java: “Now is the time for positive action (and) to move Java forward.”

The ball is in your court. Honor the agreement.

How this will play out is very uncertain, at least to me, but one thing is sure: delay and vacillation are over, at least from the ASF. Expect plenty of delay from Oracle, though.

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