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Is Openleaks The Next Haystack?

As everyone who’s even half-awake knows by now, a bunch of people who used to work on Wikileaks have got together to work on Openleaks. From what I hear, Openleaks is going to be so much better than Wikileaks – it will have no editorial role, it will strongly protect people who submit leaks, it’s not about the people who run it, it’ll be distributed and encrypted.

But where’s the design to back up this rhetoric? Where are the security reviews from well-known authorities? They seem to be missing. Instead we have excited articles in mainstream media about how wonderful it is going to be, and how many hours the main man has spent on it.

This sounds very familiar indeed. And we all know what happened last time round.

Of course, Openleaks may be fine, but I strongly suggest that those who are working on it publish their plan and subject it to scrutiny before they put contributors at risk.

As always, I offer my services in this regard. I am sure I am not alone.


  1. Is the the “more transparent” organisation that won’t be leaking directly to the general public?(perhaps that is just be hearsay…)

    More whistle-blowing conduits are definitely a good thing imho, provided, as you say, that they’re secure and robust.

    Comment by Barney — 22 Dec 2010 @ 0:55

  2. Hi, no, this is not Daniel Domscheit-Berg. 🙂

    You should have an eye out for the presentation he gave at the 27C3 on the 30th december. He said that there will be an open approach to the issues you and others are raising.

    Comment by Dan — 3 Jan 2011 @ 2:51

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