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Salmon with Sticky Ginger Sauce

Salmon fillets (with skin)
Spring onions

Finely chop ginger and spring onions. Mix a lot of sugar with a roughly equal quantity of vinegar. Add the ginger and reduce (I always overdo this which means the sauce solidifies when it cools – try not to copy me, it’s a pain to have to keep warming it). Add the chopped spring onions at the end. You could also add chilli, but I didn’t. I expect cubed cucumber might be nice, too.

While it is reducing, fry the salmon in olive oil, quite hot so the skin browns (do the skin side first). Serve with sauce generously drizzled on it.

We had it with rice and leeks with cream (roll-cut leeks, fry gently in butter/salt/pepper, add double cream at the end).

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