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Firefox Plugins I Like

Tab Mix Plus, Hash Coloured Tabs (hmm, have a nasty feeling Tab Mix Plus kills this, damn), Viamatic foXpose, Digger, and yubnub – but someone really should write a yubnub plugin that works locally.

Always keen to hear of more useful plugins.


  1. i like NoScript, LeetKey (stupid name, but url encode/decode, base64 encode is something i need quite often), firebug, sessionsaver, tamper.

    Comment by Gregor J. Rothfuss — 18 Jul 2006 @ 19:04

  2. Hi Ben–Actually I’m using SlickRun locally and I’ve got a yubnub command hooked up to it. Works pretty well. (just need to type “y” in front of yubnub commands).

    Comment by JonathanAquino — 20 Jul 2006 @ 8:16

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