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Chicken, Almond and Orange

I’ve cooked this a few times, its pretty quick and easy, but it tastes nice.

Chop skinned chicken breast into chunks, marinade in soy, ginger, spring onion and orange zest (all chopped smallish, the ginger and orange in strips, the spring onion diced small). While it is marinading fry blanched almonds in a little oil at a low temperature, stirring continuously, until they brown slightly. Note that burning the almonds makes them bitter, so don’t do it. Set aside the fried almonds (I always have to ask for help here, coz I always forget to get a bowl out for them, and if you pause they burn and that’s bad).

Heat oil ’til its smoking (in a wok or a heavy pan) then quickly stir-fry the chicken with its marinade. Ideally do this until it isn’t quite cooked – chicken goes tough quite quickly, so if you want it tender you need to pay attention here. When you were chopping orange and spring onion, you wisely left half of each aside – add them at this point and some chopped coriander leaf (cilantro for the Yanks) [optional] and stir-fry for 30 seconds or so. Add a generous gloop of sesame oil, stir and serve, with rice and a green vegetable (last time I did leeks, pak choy is also good – my host also provided a tomato salad which went rather better than I expected, so give that a try).

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