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The Great Firewall of Europe?

Once more I am amazed by the complete bollocks floating around in the wake of last week’s terrorist alert.

Franco Frattini, apparently the vice-president of the EU, said

… that the internet should be made a “hostile environment” for terrorists. “I think it’s very important to explore further possibilities of blocking websites that incite to commit terrorist actions”

The Guardian’s Alan Travis goes one further and invents some new laws, just for fun

A new legal framework is to be developed by June to ensure that illegal material such as manuals or instructions for homemade explosives or bombs are removed from the internet [his lower case].

Right, because Al-Qaida will helpfully publish their manuals in Europe where you can get them shut down. Or are they really suggesting the Great Firewall of Europe? Oh yeah, don’t forget that chemistry books are illegal – you did know that, right?

Also, apparently, EU interior ministers are considering

… introducing positive profiling of air passengers based on biometrics rather than ethnic background.

What does this mean? They’ll test my DNA for terrorist tendencies? Phrenology? Read the lines in my hands? Should I expect a huge recruiting drive for people called Gypsy Rose Lee?

What it means, of course, is they’ll figure out whether you’re bad by knowing who you are. Ooo, cunning plan. And this involves biometrics because, well, passports are so 20th century. And because we all know that biometrics will be The Solution To The Terrorist Problem, and here’s further proof. Please ignore the fact that every terrorist on a plane had ID when they boarded, that’s entirely immaterial.

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  1. On the last item, I vaguely recall that the biometric system is an Israeli invention. It requires routing passengers into something that looks like a large metal tank and then asking questions. Somehow, the biometric information reveals characteristics relating to their intent. There’s an image and story at the following URL:

    Comment by William Beem — 18 Aug 2006 @ 16:03

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