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I Hate Java, or How To Make Ant Run Javascript

I am writing this up because it took me all day to figure out, and the Interwebz was surprisingly unhelpful!

So, if you’re trying to configure EJBCA, or maybe something else whose author thought that including Javascript in a makefile was a really great idea, you may run into this error, when you run ant:

/disk1.1/usr/home/ben/software/unpacked/ejbca_4_0_12/propertyDefaults.xml:11: Unable to create javax script engine for javascript

If you Google for that, maybe you’ll now find this article, but as I write, you get a lot of hits on people with this problem, and a paucity of useful advice. So, here’s how I fixed it…

First off, the core problem is ant needs BSF (the Bean Scripting Framework) in order to run scripts at all, and also Rhino, in order to run Javascript. And to complicate matters further, BSF needs Jakarta Commons Logging. It turns out you can get these in various ways, some of which I’ve tested. In particular, you can generally download zips of jars (and other junk) from the projects’ sites (generally described as binaries, for some reason), or you might be able to install packages or ports. In practice I got BSF from its own site, logging by installing a port, and I tried Rhino both ways. So, once you’ve got the relevant jars, the next bit of magic is to let Ant know about them.

You can either install them in Ant’s library directory, wherever that is, or name them in a -lib argument on the command line. Like this:

ant -lib '../bsf-2.4.0/lib/bsf.jar:/usr/local/share/java/classes/commons-logging.jar:/usr/local/share/java/rhino/rhino.jar' <target>

And Robert, as they say, is a close relative. Update: putting them on the classpath does work, so long as you remember the classpath is separated by colons and not semicolons. On some platforms. However, this does not make jrunscript work.

So, this solved my immediate problem, but I’m now really curious to know how jrunscript can be made to understand JS. Coz right now, despite having all the stuff I need to make Ant do it, I get

script engine for language js can not be found

How about it, lazyweb?

BTW, I hate Java.

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  1. Hi Ben, nice to see you trying EJBCA.

    We’ve actually worked to get rid of most javascript in EJBCA ant files for the future. Ant is in a few ways so limited there are some things it just can’t do. So workarounds here we come…there may be other clumsy ways of course but nothing really satisfying.

    So we don’t think it’s a great idea actually, we hate it, it’s just a workaround for other clumsy things :-).

    If you run packaged ant (and ant-optional) it should work on most dists (even RHEL nowadays I believe).


    Comment by Tomas Gustavsson — 19 Oct 2012 @ 16:32

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