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Kim Cameron and DRM

Kim’s got all steamed up over iTunes’ DRM.

Perhaps a better target for his vitriol would be his own company’s DRM, which will not only prevent you from burning stuff to CD, it’ll even remove your right to play it after you’ve purchased it.


  1. Perhaps. Then again, anything from the Redmond stable is more or less guaranteed to get it’s fair share of critique from the blogosphere, whereas Apple are seemingly untouchable.

    Comment by Jon Dowland — 4 Sep 2006 @ 9:41

  2. Eh, at least you can watch it offline. 🙂

    Comment by Adam — 4 Sep 2006 @ 17:30

  3. I don’t understand the complaint, artists have been releasing videos with music content seperately from audio tracks since before I was born. You couldn’t jam a VHS tape into a boom box or Walkman.

    Perhaps ITMS should’ve been more clear about this track, but it’s hardly such a big deal. It’s like buying U2’s Rattle and Hum video and getting mad because the VHS tape won’t fit in your Walkman.

    Comment by seejay — 5 Sep 2006 @ 9:09

  4. I don’t know about you, but I think Apple needs to be taken to task for removing CDs from stores. It used to be that you could go buy a physical object that you could play any time and even contained paper liner notes. But not any more, it’s all DRM all the time.

    And the way they control both Microsoft and WalMart is just horrible.

    Comment by Nat Traversal — 5 Sep 2006 @ 23:21

  5. The philosophy behind DRM reminds me of the war on terror, the more you try and repress people, the more terrorists (pirates) you create.

    Comment by Steve Lord — 9 Sep 2006 @ 2:01

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