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OSP: Response

Kim has responded to some (but not all) of the points I raise in my post on the Open Specification Promise.

Since, for some reason, I didn’t get the usual trackback, I’m linking to it above.

In his response, he offers a RANDZ licence to anyone that wants one, as an alternative to the promise. This is great, but why not just go ahead and do it? Or does he mean the usual open source unfriendly version where everyone has to individually go to Microsoft and get the licence signed? Why not grant a blanket licence to everyone, just as the OSP covers everyone?


  1. There is no one such license that covers the requirements of everyone in the open source community. By definition, given all the IP regimes, someone will have problems.

    So those licenses have to be crafted for some particular constituency.

    On the other hand, from the actual input we have received from the legal representatives of the community, the OSP does meet everyone’s needs. So it, rather than a license, is the “general” solution.

    Comment by Kim — 15 Sep 2006 @ 18:38

  2. Another reason for continuing to offer the opportunity to get a license is that currently the standards organizations require this for technologies that they are standardizing.

    Comment by Mike Jones — 18 Sep 2006 @ 18:50

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