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All Your Data Are Belong To NHS

The disaster in waiting that is the NHS’ Spine has been well known to privacy zealots for quite some time, but I’m glad to see that its not just us that are worried.

The Guardian has an article all about it.

Patients will have data uploaded … Patients do not have the right to say the information cannot be held.

But that’s OK, because

Once uploading has taken place, a government PR blitz will follow. This will be said to bring about “implied consent” to allow others view the data. Those objecting will be told that their medical care could suffer.

I’m so relieved. I don’t even have to think about whether I agree with the government anymore. They can figure out what I think just by advertising! Isn’t that great? Perhaps we should replace those pesky elections with advertising, life would be so much easier. I’m sure we’re all happy with giving our “implied consent” to Blair as dictator-for-life, aren’t we?


  1. […] In keeping with their policy of establishing consensus through advertising, the Department of Health have apparently responded that nobody could have genuine grounds for claiming “substantial and unwarranted distress” as a result of having their intimate medical details included on a national computer system […]

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  2. I bet you that this system will not be around for years to come. These projects always tend to run overtime and you can bet your house on it that it will be overbudget!
    I agree though – It’s just another way for them to control every last facet about your life…

    Comment by ChrisDavis — 12 Mar 2007 @ 0:15

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