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Two weeks ago, I wrote to my MP, Andrew Slaughter, using the most excellent WriteToThem. Today, WriteToThem asks me to confirm whether he has responded, which he has not, putting me amongst the majority of his constituents. According to TheyWorkForYou (hah! I wish!) he only condescends to reply to 35-44% within 2-3 weeks. TheyWorkForYou has other interesting statistics – interesting if you want to understand what a complete waste of space your MP is, that is. For example, he has never voted against his party (this statistic originates from yet another great site, The Public Whip).

Anyway, the point of this post is not so much to moan about my MP but to point out that if you (unlike my MP) want to get more involved in democracy in the UK there are some fantastic sites out there to help you. And guess what? Not a single one is run by the government, and they are all free.

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