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The Shape Of Things To Come

Business Week has an article about the consequences of “medical identity theft”

When Weaver was hospitalized a year later for a hysterectomy, she realized the amputee’s medical info was now mixed in with her own after a nurse reviewed her chart and said, “I see you have diabetes.” (She doesn’t.) With medical data expected to begin flowing more freely among health-care providers, Weaver now frets that if she is ever rushed to a hospital, she could receive improper care—a transfusion with the wrong type of blood, for instance, or a medicine to which she’s allergic. “I now live in fear that if something ever happened to me, I could get the wrong kind of medical treatment,” she says.

So, one of the things NHS Spine enthusiasts keep trying to sell us is how access to all this information will benefit us. Unless its someone else’s information, that is, in which case it might kill us instead. Until the Spine gives me a way to control the information it holds, I won’t be able to trust it.

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