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The Tories Hate ID Cards

They don’t work, they cost an arm and a leg, and they create a surveillance state. In short.


  1. Oh, those are just Labour ID cards. The Tory ID cards are fuzzy-wuzy child-protecting and a great idea once the Tories are in power.

    Comment by Adam — 6 Feb 2007 @ 5:29

  2. Of course you can’t really say that ID cards won’t work because the Government keep changing their mind about what they are for! If the aim is to make lots of money for the big consulting firms then I think they’ll be a roaring success.

    Comment by Chris R — 6 Feb 2007 @ 13:08

  3. Apparently someone has just noticed that the chips in these new biometric (doesn’t that sound important!) passports have a 2 year lifespan…,3800010403,39165666,00.htm

    oopsy! I can just see the queues at airports in the U.S. now. Queues for return flights for travellers with dead passports that is.

    Comment by Steve — 7 Feb 2007 @ 23:50

  4. I think they’re right about this for deep technical and philosophical reasons, and I think they’ll win votes on this for shallow populist reasons. I wonder which reasons held sway with them? And I’m glad we’ll have a choice (unlike, say, on nuclear weapons).

    Comment by William — 17 Feb 2007 @ 15:39

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