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West London Tram

I realise this probably isn’t of interest to many of my readers, but its an issue that affects me so you get to read about it.

Ken Livingstone has a hard-on for a tram running down the Uxbridge Road (which is very near where I live). I have absolutely no idea why, because practically everyone else thinks its a totally stupid idea. I won’t bother to link to it, because if it affects you, you’ll already know too much.

What I will link to is the petition against it hosted by Number 10.


  1. Ben,

    A very good point. Not sure who else agrees with the muppet? I sure as hell don’t. Granted I don’t live there, but I still think that money & reources could be better applied elsewhere.

    Comment by pctony — 16 Feb 2007 @ 14:40

  2. You might think the tram is a stupid idea becuase you won’t be able to drive your 4×4 as well but look at what has happened in croydon and nottingham since they got trams. in croydon unemployment is down up to 35%. Local trade has increased in shops adjacent to the tram, and the higher capacity of trams mean less buses are needed. By practically everyone else i assume you mean the pro – car anti- tram save ealing streets, since the only representative poll showed the majority of people in favour of the tram. The logic is simple. If you use the 207, 427 or 607 buses the tram provides a faster service as it dosent get stuck in trafic and gets priority at junctions, and many people who don’t use the bus switch from car to tram as trams are seen as more attractive than buses. This has been shown to happen in europe, manx, notts , croydon etc and even in america.

    Comment by Tom Follett — 24 Feb 2007 @ 14:00

  3. FAO tom follet,i might suggest you have a closer look at the trams in croydon,take off your rose tinted specs and you’ll see that the tram isc really a comprimise and a catch 22 situation.There is a far superior proposal instead of the tram system which tfl are frightened of because it actually makes money and is self finacing.As for the trams providing a faster service,that is a lot of propaganda,check your history before making such outlandish comments.

    Comment by gonzo — 1 Apr 2007 @ 17:56

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