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Translation, Please?

I love BoingBoing, but occasionally it gives me indigestion:

my own personal thoughts on postmodernism concerns the fact that it is inches away from finally bridging the gap between western analytical thought and romanticism. postmodernists come to question the fabric of reality enough to allow for a mckenna style archaic revival to be the solution to our ills, entheogens cleansing the doors of perception from all hyper-real simulacra, resurrecting culture and language as the sacred entities they used to be.

Can someone tell me what that means?


  1. I lived in Eugene, Oregon long enough that, given enough time, I could actually translate that. But it would be painful without mind altering chemicals, I suspect. 🙂

    Comment by Shava Nerad — 10 Mar 2007 @ 7:44

  2. “Everything old is new again.”

    Since you ask.

    Comment by sigusr1 — 13 Mar 2007 @ 19:55

  3. This, I think came from the postmodernism essay generator over at =)

    Comment by j0hnny — 15 Mar 2007 @ 15:54

  4. Basically, postmodernist writers are really philosophical and want to reinvent the way the world works. So their writing is semi-romantic and semi-analysing the way the world works. Ya? xxx

    Comment by Emily — 17 Mar 2007 @ 20:24

  5. Perhaps you should just read Baudrillard and figure it out for yourself, but I doubt translation is really what you wanted. You’re probably a bit ill equipped to attack the caption based on its own merits, so you

    Comment by fawazr — 19 Mar 2007 @ 5:43

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