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Fly Pentop Computer

OK, its silly, but for some reason I still want one. Actually, I want two.


  1. Pretty fly – for a white guy…

    Comment by xeger — 29 Oct 2005 @ 5:35

  2. This appears to use the same technology (from Anoto) as the Logitech “io” pen. I bought one of those a couple of years ago and then returned it the next day, unopened, when I realized how stupid I felt paying $200 for a pen (it’s $100 now). The Fly is self contained and uses sound for output (their demo cheats a little by animating some of the drawings on the paper, but of course that won’t work). The io instead would remember what you wrote and then upload it to your computer when you docked. You could send emails by writing them out on paper if you were stuck in a meeting or something, then when you docked your pen they would be sent.

    Comment by cyphrpunk — 30 Oct 2005 @ 2:39

  3. Wired has a piece about this in tehir latest edition. Looks interesting and I’m not surprised you want two – I’m just surprised you don’t want more! Boys & their toys…

    Comment by david — 30 Oct 2005 @ 15:05

  4. I’ve bought a number of these and recommended them to others based on the rave feedback I received. Only failure was the fourteen year old who wasn’t impressed, but yonger kids (5 to 10) and older kids (35-65) loved it.

    Comment by Barney — 28 Jan 2007 @ 15:32

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