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The Joy of DNSSECs

Matasano Chargen have an amusing writeup of DNSSEC, complete with pretty pictures. I need to learn to make OmniGraffle do that!


  1. I’d be happy to help, Ben. Want some stencils? All you’ve gotta do is write a post here or a comment on my blog kicking my ass for getting DNSSEC wrong!

    Am I crazy? Or is DNSSECbis?

    Comment by Thomas H. Ptacek — 5 Apr 2007 @ 13:33

  2. I’d love to have some stencils!

    I can’t kick your ass for getting DNSSEC wrong because, it seems, you got it right 🙂

    And yes, it is DNSSECbis, I was making a lame joke (DNSSECs -> DNS Sex, geddit?).

    Comment by Ben — 5 Apr 2007 @ 13:48

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