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Brad Fitzpatrick on the Social Graph

Brad Fitzpatrick writes about a problem that is essentially the same as my motivating example. His proposal avoids what I consider the interesting problems by only dealing with public data, though I think I would dispute that by so doing he solves 90% of the problem.

I also worry about whose perception of public is the correct one. If I have, say, a Facebook and a Flickr account, and a friend who knows what they both are, will I be happy if that friend broadcasts the fact that they’re both me? Possibly not.

In any case, interesting reading.

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  1. I think that is the point entirely. Right now you have no control over your digital life. You are at the whim of each social site you create an account with and how they choose to disseminate your social identity.

    By centralizing your social identity you become the maintainer and a site only knows what you make public.

    The concept is similar to OpenID. With OpenID you decide the access you wish to allow a site. Unlimited, single sign-on, etc.

    Comment by Elroy Jetson — 19 Aug 2007 @ 12:16

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