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Groklaw on the iPlayer

Groklaw has an interesting interview with Mark Taylor of the Open Source Consortium about the BBC’s iPlayer. Some fascinating things I didn’t know come out in this interview

the BBC management team who are responsible for the iPlayer are a checklist of senior employees from Microsoft who were involved with Windows Media. A gentleman called Erik Huggers who’s responsible for the iPlayer project in the BBC, his immediately previous job was director at Microsoft for Europe, Middle East & Africa responsible for Windows Media. He presided over the division of Windows Media when it was the subject of the European Commission’s antitrust case. He was the senior director responsible. He’s now shown up responsible for the iPlayer project.

What a coincidence, given that Acacia have also been in the news over the employment of an ex-MSFT senior manager

Acacia Research Corporation (NASDAQ:ACTG – News) announced today that its Acacia Technologies group, a leader in technology licensing, has named Brad Brunell as Senior Vice President.

Mr. Brunell joins Acacia from Microsoft, where during his 16 year career he held a number of management positions, including General Manager, Intellectual Property Licensing.

But back to the iPlayer…

One of the points that they made to us was that they [the BBC Trust] basically relied upon the information conveyed to them by the BBC management team responsible for the iPlayer and that’s not something that they intend to continue doing

it’s peer-to-peer, and in fact one of the more worrying aspects is that you have no control over your node. It loads at boot time under Windows, the BBC can use as much of your bandwidth as they please (laughter), in fact I think OFCOM, you know, made some kind of estimate as to how many hundreds of millions of pounds that would cost everyone

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  1. BBC, iPlayer and Microsoft

    From Grocklaw interview with Mark Taylor, president of the Open Source Consortium in the UK.
    …it’s a Verisign Kontiki architecture, it’s peer-to-peer, and in fact one of the more worrying aspects is that you have no control over your…

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