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Ancient History

A new, and rather nice, mail archive searching thingy has been launched. Out of curiosity, I used it to try to find the lost-in-the-mists-of-time birthdate of Apache-SSL. I did – it’s the 16th of October, 1995. Roughly.

Along the way, somewhat narcissisticly, I found a few other things. My first post to the httpd-dev list, admittedly forwarded, on the 5th of September 1995. I had no idea I’d started on SSL so soon after joining the Apache project.

Finally, me arguing against using the GPL (Brian Behlendorf has sometimes claimed that my opposition to the GPL was one of the reasons Apache started with a BSD-style licence).

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  1. Well, in that case (you being instrumental in the license: GPL vs. BSD), my whole-hearted thanks!

    Comment by pck — 6 Nov 2007 @ 4:44

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