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Me-ville Versus The Global Village

Thanks to Adriana, I just came across an intriguing post on VRM. In it, two completely different versions of VRM are presented (he thinks he presented four, but I claim that the “vendor control” end of the spectrum is CRM, not VRM).

In Me-Ville, everything is anonymous and reputation/value-based. In the Global Village, its all about long-term relationships. I think this divide is interesting and sums up the differences in the approach taken by techies, like Alec Muffett and me versus the approach the fluffier, social people like Adriana Lukas and Doc Searls would like to take.

Who’s right? Well, normally I’d say I am, but I’m not sure I really know in this case. But recognition is the first step towards reconciliation.


  1. There you go taking my name in vain, 🙂

    I don’t agree with your apparent classification of me as a Me-Ville person; I’m somepoint else midway on the spectrum. there *is* a techie approach which is not anonymity/reputation centric, and that is as an “enabler for people to share information”, and that’s what I am working on.

    – alec 🙂

    Comment by alecmuffett — 12 Jan 2008 @ 12:35

  2. actually, he (who is me) did present four versions. whether you choose to view them as such is your prerogative. 🙂

    in all seriousness, thanks for reading. always looking for ways to incorporate / reconcile multiple viewpoints, as well as to expand outward to new ones.

    in a discussion that is almost certainly related, would love you have your input on this conversation as well, if it is of interest to you:


    Comment by christopher carfi — 12 Jan 2008 @ 19:16

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