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The Guardian has a nice article about Wikileaks today. This was triggered by bizarre behaviour on the part of Bank Julius Baer‘s lawyers, Lavely and Singer (“Attack Dogs of L.A. Law”), who asked Wikileaks to remove documents without specifying what documents or who their client was and then got an injunction to have the domain deleted.

The documents are still available, of course.

One thing I should correct, though. The article says

Those behind Wikileaks include … Ben Laurie, a mathematician living in west London who is on the advisory board.

I’m not a mathematician (any more), and I’m not behind Wikileaks. I think its a good idea, and I did comment on an early design for the technical infrastructure (which, I must say, was cool), but I am otherwise uninvolved. Everyone thinks this is just a cunning ploy to distance myself from it, but really, its true.


  1. If you were involved, you wouldn’t want to distance yourself, would you?

    Still, might be an idea to move to somewhere they can’t extradite you from without at least making a case against you.

    Comment by niq — 23 Feb 2008 @ 21:56

  2. Hey, thanks to Julius Baer and Lavely & Singer, I get to read some interesting stuff about tax evasion that I would probably not have noticed otherwise. Give those blokes a beer!

    Comment by robin — 24 Feb 2008 @ 7:53

  3. Well, it took two weeks, but the story has arrived in Germany: FAZ article.

    But no good quotes from you in there.

    Comment by lars — 6 Mar 2008 @ 11:34

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