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Ben Enters The Blogosphere

Anyone who knows me knows I hate blogs. So, what the fuck am I doing, starting one up?

Well, I’ve come to realise that there’s a point to blogs, too. I still hate almost all of them. I don’t want to know about your relationships, or what you ate for dinner last night. And don’t expect me to meet you for drinks because you blogged where you were going.

But they are a good place for doing some things. For example, where would I put my brief article on primes and MD5 collisions if not in a blog? (You’ll see from the date I’ve flirted with this idea before). They’re also a kind of person-centric mailing list – only you don’t have to subscribe to them and they stay available forever. Perhaps they’re good for other things, but I can’t think of any right now. Let me know!

Anyway, consider this an experiment. The next few posts are probably going to be a little odd, because they’ll be about stuff I should’ve been blogging at the time, but, well, I didn’t have a blog. Will I keep it up? Who knows. Watch this space.


  1. Hey Ben,

    I though you were never going to move beyond your somewhat spartan homepage…

    Keep it up, interesting stuff as ever..

    Comment by Argon — 16 Sep 2005 @ 17:57

  2. Hi Ben —

    just don’t think of it as a “blog”, or yourself as a “blogger”. Worked for me, until I finally accepted the facts — that that’s what a good proportion of the “blogosphere” is also doing, anyway…

    On top of the two uses you mention, there’s a third, which is as a place to put what Pavel Curtis used to call “lectures” in LambdaMOO, iirc; in other words, if you find yourself repeatedly discussing the same topics, a weblog gives you a place to write your take coherently, annotate with links, and then post a single URL each time it crops up. Similar to a personal FAQ, basically.

    Comment by Justin Mason — 26 Sep 2005 @ 0:14

  3. ps: btw, could you set the RSS feed to provide the full article text, instead of excerpts?

    Comment by Justin Mason — 27 Sep 2005 @ 6:13

  4. Don’t even try to fake it. My recipes and mini videos are the highlight of your day – just go ahead
    and tell it like it is. I had fun learning how to pick locks with ya at Seattle Mind Camp. You
    security guys are a hoot. Be sure and post on your blog when you’ll next be in Seattle so we can hook
    up for drinks. 😉

    Comment by Ponzi — 12 Nov 2005 @ 22:27

  5. I’m not that kind of blogger.

    Comment by ben — 13 Nov 2005 @ 8:06

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