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Pork Chops in Cider

This recipe was originally cooked for me by my friend Honk. Well, something somewhat like it was.

pork chops
mixed herbs
olive oil
more garlic
cooking apples

Smear the pork chops with crushed garlic, mixed herbs, salt and pepper. I’m lazy, so I only do one side. Grill them so they’re nicely browned on each side but not cooked all the way through. Starting with them slightly frozen might help.

Meanwhile, roughly chop the onions and cook them in olive oil until sweet. Add butter, sliced mushrooms, more crushed garlic, salt and pepper. Be generous with the butter. Cook the mushrooms very gently until they’re soft and laden with butter. Add cider, quarter of a can at a time, reducing it to almost nothing each time. Somewhere in there, add sliced cooking apple. When the apple is nearly soft and you still have some cider left, add the grilled pork chops to this mess. Cook them in the final reduction of cider. Once that’s done, turn off the heat and add cream.

Eat. And feel fat.

For guidance for 4 pork chops I used four flat mushrooms, three 750 cl cans of cider and two cooking apples. Cream I leave to your conscience. Obviously the chops need some fat on them or this will be totally boring. In fact, I lust after the chops I once saw in The Ginger Pig which were over half fat. Yum.

Sauteed potatoes are good with this. And peas if you’re lazy. Spinach if less so.

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