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Despite Kim’s promise in his blog

That doesn’t mean it is trivial to figure out the best legal mecahnisms for making the intellectual property and even the code available to the ecosystem. Lawyers are needed, and it takes a while. But I can guarantee everyone that I have zero intention of hoarding Minimal Disclosure Tokens or turning U-Prove into a proprietary Microsoft technology silo.

Like, it’s 2008, right? Give me a break, guys!

I’ve now heard through several different channels that Microsoft want to “ensure interoperability”. Well. Interoperability with what, I ask? In order for things to be interoperable, they must adhere to a standard. And for Microsoft to ensure interoperability, they have to both licence the intellectual property such that it can only be used in conformance to that standard and they have to control the standard.

I don’t know about you, but that sure sounds like a “proprietary Microsoft technology silo” to me.

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