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Conflicting Roles

Pamela Dingle writes about the problems of people having conflicting roles. Funnily enough I’m working on a paper about roles, too, but more on that later. Right now I wanted to observe that the problem she describes

There is no simple way to say that John is a broker 100% of the time, but 50% of the time he represents Client A and only Client A, and the other 50% he solely represents Client B. There is no way to represent mutual exclusivity of roles in a single user profile (that I’m aware of).

can handled in an interesting way in SE-Linux: there you can make the rule that once the user (or rather, a program acting on behalf of the user) has accessed any resource corresponding to Client A he is no longer allowed to access resources corresponding to Client B, and vice versa. Of course, leaping from this to the idea that you’ve built a real Chinese Wall between the two clients is falling foul of one of the fallacies of DRM: of course the user can find ways to transport data across that wall. But, nevertheless, SE-Linux is a system in which it is possible to express such policies.

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