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Information Card Foundation Launched

Yet another industry alliance launches today: the Information Card Foundation (yes, I know that’s currently a holding page: as always, the Americans think June 24th starts when they wake up).

I have agreed to be a “Community Steering Member”, which means I sit on the board and get a vote on what the ICF does. Weirdly, I am also representing Google on the ICF board. I guess I brought that on myself.

I am not super-happy with the ICF’s IPR policy, though it is slightly better than the OpenID Foundation’s. I had hoped to get that fixed before launch, but there’s only so many legal reviews the various founders could put up with at short notice, so I will have to continue to tinker post-launch.

It is also far from clear how sincere Microsoft are about all this. Will they behave, or will they be up to their usual shenanigans? We shall see (though the adoption of a fantastically weak IPR policy is not the best of starts)! And on that note, I still wait for any sign of movement at all on the technology Microsoft acquired from Credentica – which they have kinda, sorta, maybe committed to making generally available. This is key, IMO, to the next generation of identity management systems and will only flourish if people can freely experiment with it. So what are they waiting for?

(More news reports than you can shake a stick at.)


  1. Out of interest, could you say what bits you dislike about the ICF and OpenID foundation’s IPR policy (and what you would like changed)?

    Comment by Steven Murdoch — 24 Jun 2008 @ 11:19

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