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Open Web Foundation

I’m very pleased that we’ve launched the Open Web Foundation today. As Scott Kveton says

The OWF is an organization modeled after the Apache Software Foundation; we wanted to use a model that has been working and has stood the test of time.

When we started the ASF, we wanted to create the best possible place for open source developers to come and share their work. As time went by, it became apparent that the code wasn’t the only problem – standards were, too. The ASF board (and members, I’m sure) debated the subject several times whilst I was serving on it, and no doubt still does, but we always decided that we should focus on a problem we knew we could solve.

So, I’m extra-happy that finally a group of community-minded volunteers have come together to try to do the same thing for standards.


  1. So, the W3C or the IETF are not considered an open platform or “the best possible place” for “community-minded volunteers” anymore? (This is an honest question, I am not 100% familiar with how these organizations work or are supposed to work.)

    Comment by Ralf Bendrath — 24 Jul 2008 @ 23:43

  2. […] Bendrath asks what’s wrong with the W3C and the IETF that the OWF is trying to solve? So, to be very […]

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