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Big Brother Has Arrived

According to The Independent, Big Brother intends to use automatic number plate reading and a massive network of surveillance cameras to record every journey by every vehicle in the UK.

I’m waiting for mandatory forehead barcodes so they can do the same for journeys on foot. You know it makes sense.


  1. Bar codes? no need, that’s what your mobile phone is for 🙂

    Comment by Steve Loughran — 26 Dec 2005 @ 17:27

  2. Unnecessary, at least in the medium term, as this other Independent article:
    depressingly notes:

    “The Home Office Scientific Development Branch in Hertfordshire is already working on ways of automatically recognising human faces by computer, …”

    I vote for the forehead barcode tattoo, at least then people would be more aware of what was going on.

    Comment by James Cronin — 29 Dec 2005 @ 12:57

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