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Yet More DRM Stupidity

Boing Boing reports that Coldplay’s X&Y is thoroughly copy protected. I don’t remember seeing the insert, but it ripped fine for me. Of course, this is not only supposedly impossible (says Virgin) but is also technically unlawful.

Do I care? No. I’ve done no harm to anyone by ripping my copy of their CD for my own enjoyment. So, sue me, Virgin. I dare you.


  1. Reading the insert, it is clear that the author is desperately in need of a clue, and should go back to pulling beer (no offense to bar-tenders).

    “Some CD players that have the capability of burning into an MP3 (such as portable players and car stereos)”

    “Windows OS also uses the latest files”

    This was written by the same guy who dreamed up the Sony DRM stuff.

    Comment by robin — 30 Dec 2005 @ 22:56

  2. […] The bad news, though, is the despite its impossibility, hardware manufacturers are going to have to jump through expensive hoops, which we, the consumers, will be paying for. It will be impossible to avoid these extra costs, too, since uncertified hardware just won’t work. And all this so Microsoft can continue to feed the media industry’s fantasy that they can somehow prevent “illegal“ copying. Peter optimistically thinks this is going to kill Microsoft. Possibly so, but I predict death throes that drag on for years, if not decades. […]

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