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Microsoft Show a Complete Lack of Respect for Privacy

I am astonished to read that Microsoft suddenly removed anonymity from blog posts. Retroactively. WTF? That’s just crazy, not to mention rude. I can’t begin to imagine who got outed by this and how annoyed they must be.

I also wonder whether, when they were pretending that posts were anonymous, they revealed that they were actually tracking who wrote them all? And finally I wonder, given the litigious nature of their homeland, who is going to sue them first?


  1. […] Live customers are now discovering the main drawback to Granted Anonymity; it can be revoked (hat tip to Pamela […]

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  2. …so the discussions I’ve been having with myself may ultimately reveal themselves as monologues. Oh dear.

    Comment by Barney — 22 Jan 2009 @ 4:53

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