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Ken Hom’s “Chinese Cookery”

I cooked a snack this afternoon, crab and sweetcorn soup, a classic dish which I always cook from the fantastic book “Chinese Cookery” by Ken Hom. As we ate it my older son, who is home from university for a few weeks, complained yet again that you can’t get the book anymore. So, I decided to have a look to see if I could find a secondhand copy. To my amazement it is in print again, as of a few days ago, and you can get it for about a tenner from Amazon!

Of all Ken Hom’s books this is my favourite – great food with simple recipes that actually work, and can be achieved without too many specialist ingredients or tools. My own copy is in three pieces it has been used so much.


  1. Ben
    Not the only place to get it.
    Abe Books
    Green Metropolis (my favourite second hand book site with an equal pricing policy £2.75!)
    PS waiting for an invite for dinner!!

    Comment by Rebecca Caroe — 4 Jan 2009 @ 21:45

  2. I lost my copy of the book – which I’ve had since first published! – in a house fire. Found this website when looking for a new copy. BUT…..I’ve promised the Crispy Chicken Dumplings for a family pafrty tomorrow night, can’t get a new book soon enough. Can anyone very quickly give me the recipe? It’s ages sonce I made them, and I THINK I can remember, but would so prefer to have my memory refreshed!

    Comment by Alice — 7 Jan 2009 @ 16:15

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