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The Atheist Bus

I’m pretty amused by this very successful appeal, which has put on buses all over England

Atheist bus advert

and I’m really impressed that they raised £135,000 (against a target of £5,500) to do it!

As an atheist humanist myself, I can only disagree with them in one respect: the use of the word “probably”. The website they’re reacting to, after all, doesn’t leave much room for doubt. They don’t say “You will probably be condemned to everlasting separation from God and then you might spend all eternity in torment in hell”, do they?

(via Boing Boing)


  1. Yeah, the ‘probably’ doesn’t make it all sound too confident. It’s like saying ‘There’s probably no malfunction in the left engine. Now stop worrying and enjoy your flight’.

    Comment by therek — 6 Jan 2009 @ 22:19

  2. Your right, it sounds agnostic.

    Comment by Christopher Lunsford — 6 Jan 2009 @ 22:30

  3. Although the probability for the existence of a god seems to go asymptotically to zero there is not enough evidence to suggest that it is zero. Therefore I find that the word probably is appropriate.
    It is unfortunately not possible to prove, in the mathematical sense, that a god do or do not exist so an absolute certainty in either direction do not seem warranted from a scientific standpoint, although it is easy to conclude that Occam has a distinct lack of facial hair.
    I think that I prefer to leave the absolute certainty to those that prefer blind faith, for the rest of us there is always The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster


    Comment by Stefan — 7 Jan 2009 @ 1:23

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