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Sausage Soup

I cook a lot. And people ask me for recipes. So, I’ll write them up occasionally. Here’s one I did a couple of days ago. My Dad used to make it with frankfurters, but my kids don’t like frankfurters, so its been modified.

I’m afraid I don’t measure things much when I cook, so you’ll have to guess…

Chicken Stock
Bacon (I like smoked streaky)

Dice the spuds, about 1/2″ cubes. Fry them gently for 5-10 minutes in butter. Chop the leeks into 1/2″ rings, add leeks and chicken stock (enough to cover them plus the leeks and then an inch or so), and simmer.

While this is going on, chop bacon into 1/2″ bits, and fry with crushed garlic in oil until crispy. Remove the bacon, leave the oil, chop the sossies into 3 or 4 bits each, then fry those until lightly browned.

By this time the spuds should be soft. Add the bacon and fried sausages and cook for another few minutes. Salt/pepper/herbs to taste. Eat with crusty bread. Warning: the spuds tend to burn your mouth.

A bowlful and a half is usually enough for a whole meal.


  1. Note: if you don’t fry the spuds *gently*, it will never taste the same …

    Two friends of ours (Italians) were walking down the street in Edinburgh arguing quite loudly when a man stopped them and rounded on the woman. He said “you should be a gentle person!”. They looked at one another (quite surprised) and after a moment agreed that they should, indeeed, be gentle people.

    So, be a gentle (frying!) person!

    Comment by robin — 26 Jan 2006 @ 22:59

  2. He’s right. The spuds should not be even slightly browned.

    Comment by Ben — 27 Jan 2006 @ 10:46

  3. So when’s the recipe book due out?

    Comment by Alex — 10 Feb 2006 @ 15:15

  4. This sounds much better than my version. My aim was to silence 3 hungry children and their friends as fast as possible.

    Comment by Ben's Dad — 31 Aug 2006 @ 8:01

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