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Abuse Resistant Publishing

George Danezis and I wrote a paper describing a technique for private, yet abuse-resistant, publishing. Here’s the abstract:

We present the problem of abusive, off-topic or repetitive
postings on open publishing websites, and the difficulties
associated with filtering them out. We propose a scheme
that extracts enough information to allow for filtering, based
on users being embedded in a social network. Our system
maintains the privacy of the poster, and does not require
full identification to work well. We present a concrete realization
using constructions based on discrete logarithms,
and a sketch of how our scheme could be implemented in a
centralized fashion.

In the good old days we’d have tried to get this published somewhere peer-reviewed, but the blogosphere is the new peer-reviewed journal, right?


  1. One open question is, can you quantify the level of anonymity the posters will have in this system?

    You credited Raph Levien’s work in the footnotes. Would it be worthwhile to include in your overview a discussion of Advogato’s trust flow paradigm?

    Nitpicks: Slashdot doesn’t actually require users to log in. Logging in does buy an extra moderation point worth of visibility and does exempt you from some of the IP range blacklists. (Also, please run a spellcheck. Some things slipped through that were painful to read).

    This was fun to read and addresses an important problem! Thank you.

    Comment by Frederick Wamsley — 4 Feb 2006 @ 3:34

  2. So, Keyman (of sorts) with partial anonymity, then?

    Comment by Matthew B-M — 5 Feb 2006 @ 23:41

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