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Native Client

I mentioned Native Client in passing a while back but I didn’t explain what it is…

Native Client is a way to sandbox code without resort to hardware assistance. In short, what it does is statically verify that the code obeys certain rules, and as a result, that the code can only use the interfaces to the rest of the system that the sandbox intends it to use. In other words, it’s a bit like Caja only for native code instead of Javascript. There’s also a version of gcc that produces code that will pass the static validation – which means that pretty much any C (or C++ or Fortran) program can be ported to Native Client with little difficulty.

The Native Client team think the point of Native Client is to allow web apps to have access to high speed code without compromising the security of the user. This is certainly a use, but I find the idea of using it to enforce security in other areas quite interesting, too. For example, with Native Client you could make Mark Seaborn’s Plash both portable and more useful – which Mark has been working on. Of course, before this can be relied on we need to know that NaCl is secure, so it is interesting that the team are offering cash for bugs. You could get paid for playing with NaCl!

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