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The Telegraph Show How Not To Do It

I’m a bit stunned that an organisation the size of The Telegraph would store user passwords in plaintext, but, well … they do.


  1. The Telegraph is certainly a very visible organisation, but your post made me wonder: are they actually a very *big* one? I haven’t found a source for the number of their employees, but we can get a clue from this article about their new offices in Victoria: . Apparently they occupy about 115,000 sq.ft. Could be approaching 1000 employees? Big-ish, I suppose!

    Comment by Craig — 9 Mar 2009 @ 17:21

  2. That is a bit shocking. At least the listen to them and fixed it did you see the response – – nice of them to than them I think.

    Comment by Nick — 24 Mar 2009 @ 13:24

  3. @#1:

    It’s a national newspaper. Regardless of the size of the organisation, they’re meant to be someone the British people can put a bit of faith into.

    Comment by Frank — 29 Mar 2009 @ 3:12

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