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Google Wave Federation

Today Google announced Google Wave. I’m not going to talk about Wave itself, just search for it and get a ton of articles. Suffice it to say that it is awesome.

What I want to mention is the Wave Federation Protocol, and in particular, General Verifiable Federation, which is the part my talented colleague Lea Kissner and I worked on. I know I’m a crypto geek, but I think this protocol is pretty interesting, with applications wider than just Google Wave, since it creates a platform for building federated messaging systems in which you do not trust intermediaries.

Lea and I welcome feedback on the protocol, which we are sure is full of mistakes right now, as we were in a bit of a rush to hit today’s deadline…

(And for those friends who are probably wondering now if this is why I went to Australia earlier this year, the answer is, unsurprisingly: yes).

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  1. Congratulations on the new protocol and the launch!

    Comment by David Molnar — 31 May 2009 @ 9:53

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