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Paypal Weirdness

Today Paypal won’t let me log in. Because I’ve forgotten my password. Now, I’m damn sure I haven’t but after several attempts I give up and go through the “forgotten password” procedure. One of the features of this procedure is that you must change your password – re-using the existing one is not allowed. Naturally, I can’t set the password I want because its the same as the existing one, thus proving I have not forgotten it.


And this is not the first time its done this to me.


  1. I’ve had that same experience on more than one occassion as well. No idea what’s up (or confused) at paypal though.

    Comment by cat — 21 Feb 2006 @ 14:54

  2. Likewise. It happened to me just yesterday, in fact. I wonder if clearing Paypal cookies and trying again would have any effect.

    It was obvious that the problem was on PayPal’s end, because when I filled in the new password field with what I thought was the old one, it confirmed it with ‘you can’t change you password to the one currently on the account.’


    Comment by RoUS — 24 Feb 2006 @ 15:56

  3. Hah – tada – just experienced the same phenomenon but luckily had your blog entry in mind 😉

    Comment by Erik Abele — 27 Feb 2006 @ 1:32

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