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ID Cards: Catch 22?

Apparently, ID cards will not be compulsory after all. Also…

Mr Johnson even admitted the suggestion the cards would help combat terrorism was exaggerated as he accepted the Government should never have allowed “the perception to go around that they were a panacea for terrorism”.

No, really? Anyway, the thing that amuses me is this

It will remain compulsory for foreign nationals staying the UK long term to have an ID cards but Britons will only have one now if they request it.

OK, so when I get stopped in the street, how do I prove that I am not a foreign national staying long term?


  1. […] problem of digital identity (and solutions), which included a useful chat with Googler Ben Laurie (a cryptography person) who gave me the lowdown on OpenID, PKI and the like. Very useful stuff – thanks Ben and […]

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  2. You’re quite safe. They’ll already know it’s safe to let you go because they’ve been tracking your movements via cctv, cell-phones, number plates and facial recognition. Besides, how often do you actually bump into a cop on the street these days… Quite safe…

    Comment by Robert Nice — 15 Jul 2009 @ 23:33

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