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Kim Cameron Explains Why Hoarding Is Not Hoarding

I’ve been meaning for some time to point out that it’s been well over a year since Microsoft bought Credentica and still no sign of any chance for anyone to use it. Kim Cameron has just provided me with an appropriate opportunity.

Apparently the lack of action is because Microsoft need to get a head start on implementation. Because if they haven’t got it all implemented, they can’t figure out the appropriate weaseling on the licence to make sure they keep a hold of it while appearing to be open.

if you don’t know what your standards and implementations might look like, you can’t define the intellectual property requirements.

Surely the requirements are pretty simple, if your goal is to not hoard? You just let everyone use it however they want. But clearly this is not what Microsoft have in mind. They want it “freely” used on their terms. Not yours.


  1. I have a copy of the credentica java API on my hard disk, which was available on request, before the Microsoft acquisition. Ironically though, I had to sign the minimal (zero) disclosure agreement that came with it, so I can not tell anyone about it. 😐 … Now what?

    Comment by aguy — 2 Sep 2009 @ 1:10

  2. I think you might be thinking of MS Free [TM] V1.0a, no doubt the licensing documentation of MS Free [TM] V2.0 will clarify things…

    Comment by Barney — 2 Sep 2009 @ 21:19

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