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Tuna with Cumin and Orange

Last night my wife did her usual thing of presenting me with some ingredients and wanting me to cook something. What she offered was tuna steaks, leeks, mushrooms and spring greens. I was in a hurry so here’s what I cooked (yes, my kitchen is well stocked)…

Slice some ginger into thin slices, heat extra virgin olive oil in a frying pan until its pretty darn hot, chuck in the ginger slices, which should sizzle. Add a good sprinkling of whole cumin seeds, stir and fry them for a minute or so. Now put your tuna steaks on top of the cumin and ginger. Fry them for about two minutes – you should see about an eighth of an inch of cookedness up the sides. Sprinkle over finely sliced orange zest, then turn the tuna. Let it cook for a few more minutes, until still rare in the middle. Pour over a good dollop of port – this should boil pretty much instantly, or your pan isn’t hot enough. Let it cook until the port is reduced. I would serve it at this point, but my family is squeamish about rare fish, so I added more port and repeated the reduction, which should just cook through the tuna.

I served this with boiled rice and a leek, mushroom and light soy stirfry. If you are using something less salty, then add some salt to the tuna early on.

Very quick and easy. If I did it again I might consider finely chopped spring onions right at the end, though that would radically alter the flavour.

Why was I in a hurry? Because we’d been to see a rather wonderful silver exhibition at a friend’s art gallery, Flow, so it was late.

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