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FreeBSD Chromium, Part 2

Over the weekend I got chromium building and linking on FreeBSD. It doesn’t run for long, but this seems like a major milestone! I also got commit and submitted the first round of patches, by the way.

However, I discovered in the process that I wasn’t building with debugging info. Now that I am, I can’t link on my FreeBSD machine, because ld runs out of RAM. If someone out there has a nice big (and fast would be nice, it takes a really long time to build) box that I could ssh or, even better, VNC or NX into, now’s the time to let me know! Mine is dying with a dataseg limit of 716800 – which I could increase, I guess, but its a pretty old box, so probably not by much before I get into thrashing…

Anyway, for anyone who wants to try, the primary patch is here:

There are a couple of other patches referenced there (for V8 and WebCore – they’re tiny so I hope I can push them upstream soon), and you still need to build as specified here.

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  1. Alright, we have a build server now- they’re currently updating it to 2 GBs of RAM- and I’m posting updates and patches at So far I was able to compile v8 and WebCore but I’m hitting problems with chrome/common, some gcc 4 warning about missing a sentinel. I’m guessing I need the proper compiler flag to silence this so I’m looking into it.

    Comment by sprewell — 28 Sep 2009 @ 21:01

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