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As most of my friends know by now, I recently rejoined the motorbiking fraternity (here’s my baby after a few days away, luggage still attached).

Now, as we all know, motorbikes are dangerous, so I’m quite keen on learning to be safer. To that end, I spent yesterday with Bikesafe, a scheme run by traffic police for bike riders of all ages and skills. Despite the cold and drizzle it was a very satisfying day – about three hours of observed riding, mostly on interesting country roads. Its less hard than you might think, taking directions by watching indicators in your mirrors, but still takes a lot of concentration. It certainly keeps you focussed on knowing what’s going on around you. Of course, when you’re on the right line, the police bike is often exactly behind you, which made me really lust after mirrors like theirs – mounted below the bars so they can see under their elbows. Its also very interesting following the police bike (I did rather less of this than is usual, since I had my very own traffic cop – usually its 2 to 1 – but I still did some) – those guys definitely know how to minimise the workload.

The other attendees were a very mixed bag – one of them with 45 years experience! There was even an American traffic cop who’d come to learn about the programme.

I didn’t think I’d learnt all that much by the end of the day (other than I should be less “progressive” when filtering and overtaking) – but rather to my surprise my head is buzzing with information today. Definitely worth the thirty quid. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Next step, the IAM.

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  1. Hi Ben,

    Where in the UK are you located. Just wondering if you’re in my IAM group catchment area:

    – alec (r1200gs, drz400s, xl125v, aes256)

    Comment by Alec Muffett — 18 Mar 2006 @ 23:06

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